Wellness Coaching Client

“There is no way to overstate the value of Naomi's compassionate, wise, and uplifting guidance to identify not only the big goals, but how to get there in ways that are self-loving and proactive. During the pandemic shelter-in-place, I have felt very scattered and my mental health has been less stable than I would like. Naomi led me through creating concrete goals with small, achievable actions attached to them so that I could feel a sense of progress and accomplishment. This helped me feel more stable and kept me grounded in my body. Naomi is all about finding the positive, and while my cynical self sometimes made smart-*ss remarks about the process, it really was incredibly helpful.” 

Yoga Therapy Client

"Working with Naomi was a lovely experience. She is a trustworthy and attentive listener who understood my yoga and spiritual practice and helped me build from that with her expertise. Naomi was direct and specific with her insights, including areas I needed to let go of old ideas about myself. She offered new elements to my practice like Yoga Nidra and mantras based on our discussions. The mantras and Yoga breathing have become consistent for me, and I find myself turning to them intuitively instead of the inner critic. The time I spent with her was an accelerator to my personal and spiritual growth."

Yoga Therapy Client

“As a highly sensitive person and a seeker of truth and authenticity for over 5 decades, I know when I am in the presence of a teacher. A real teacher who knows how to guide her students in eliciting their best selves.

I have had this experience with Naomi.

Each contact with Naomi leaves me more in touch with my true nature, feeling my body getting more comfortable and loving her presence.

Naomi’s gentle and nurturing voice, clear suggestions and kind nature are the tools that she is gifted to use in sharing lessons about Ayurveda thought, practice, nutrition and yoga. I highly recommend working with this lovely human being.”

Yoga Therapy Client

"Naomi’s open and generous approach to teaching yoga made me feel really safe resuming my practice after a long hiatus. I had back surgery a year ago, and a baby three months ago, so my body has become a somewhat unfamiliar place lately. Talking with Naomi helped me overcome some of my mental resistance to getting back on the mat, and helped me remember that even if I’m not where I once was, or where I hope to be again in my practice, there’s still peace and progress to be found!"

Yoga Therapy Client

"After an initial (and very painless) intake session, Naomi creates customized, easy-to-follow guidelines to help your body, mind, and soul. These are NOT guidelines that you could google for yourself: they are very specific recommendations based on your needs, which might include improving body pain; anxiety; digestion issues, connection, spirituality, and relationships. Refreshingly, following Naomi's recommendations did not require me to buy expensive supplies or dedicate hours of my day to see results; instead, she encouraged me to take reasonable, incremental steps that still made me feel better after only a few sessions. Naomi's gentle, researched, non-judgmental approach to wellness is something I believe everyone could benefit from."

Yoga Therapy Client

“Working with Naomi was a very rewarding experience. She introduced me to the world of Yoga Therapy in a way that felt compassionate as well as effective in working towards my goals. The recommendations she suggested for me have allowed me to feel better in my body on a daily basis and have continued to be something I turn to when I am looking to connect inwards with myself and wanting to add in some extra self-care. I have been able to acquire more energy, vitality and feel better physically. I also greatly enjoyed Naomi's body-positive approach as this is something that is very important to me. She always listened to my concerns with an open mind and I never once felt judged in our sessions.”