Workshops, Retreats, and Courses

Each of my workshops, retreats, and courses includes a combination of theory/philosophy and practice and is geared towards people with a shared experience or condition. We'll draw upon Yogic and Ayurvedic wisdom along with science and modern approaches to address the challenges of what ails you.  Connect with a group of people who understand your struggles as you devote time to self-care and experience the immediate benefits of the practices, while also leaving with long term supports to continue on your own. 


Yoga for Chronic Pain
Virtual Retreat

 Modern medicine has spent billions of dollars in its efforts to understand and relieve chronic pain, yet it lacks satisfactory solutions for many patients. Although pain reduction is not the original intention of yoga, many changes may occur on the levels of mind, body, and spirit as one explores the practice–including a reduction in pain. In this retreat, we'll explore the three primary goals of yoga for pain care: improving ease of movement and function, enhancing quality of life, and decreasing pain. We'll discuss current research and science in the field of pain care and learn yogic exercises developed by experts in the field.


Yoga for Diabetes
Virtual Retreat
December 11-12, 2021

Doctors instruct diabetes patients to manage their energy, sleep better, relax, and meditate, but they are not taught how to do these things in a sustainable way. Benefits of Yoga for people with diabetes include better blood sugar levels, increased insulin sensitivity, less stress, improved fitness, balanced mind, and increased breath capacity. In this workshop, we'll approach diabetes care from a  weight neutral, HAES-informed  lens. Teachings and recommendations will be sensitive to those who have a history of disordered eating and weight loss will not be promoted.  

Copy of 2-Day Workshop Yoga Philosophy a

Stress is a reality of daily life, and it's not always a bad thing, but experiencing continuous, uninterrupted activation of the stress response is where we run into problems. Unfortunately, our diet culture-riddled society imposes upon us a plethora of scenarios on a daily basis that can register as bonafide threats to our nervous system. In this course, we'll discuss the inner workings of the fight/flight and rest/digest mechanisms and practice strategies for interrupting the stress response, as well as how to to turn it off, once it's been activated. 



All offerings are currently offered over Zoom.


I believe that yoga is truly for everyone and I am passionate about working with people who previously thought that it would not be available to them. I understand the needs of fat* bodies in yoga well, and I've worked with people with a wide range of abilities.  The physical yoga practices in my workshops may be done on the floor or on a chair and are gentle in nature. Options for a variety of levels and abilities are always given during the group instruction. Closed captions are available on the Zoom call and accommodations can also be made for blind participants. When teaching over Zoom to a group of mixed sizes and abilities, many of whom may have their cameras off, I am not always able to anticipate every need. However, you are always  welcome to participate in the physical practices to your comfort level and there is space in the daily schedule of each workshop for questions and one-on-one support.


Workshops are limited to twelve participants in order to facilitate intimacy and so that I can maintain the therapeutic elements of the experience for each individual. 


Your registration includes a one-on-one intake session with me prior to your workshop so that I can learn more about you and tailor the workshop to your needs. Please see my Yoga Therapy page for more information about the intake process. 


All workshops offered in 2021 will be offered at a highly reduced rate, as they are the final requirements for my Yoga Therapy certification and it will be the first time I'm teaching them. In exchange, I am asking that participants agree to share feedback about their experience with me. Please see the page for each workshop for more information.


To begin the registration process for an upcoming event, please schedule a free initial consultation with me. We will go over the details together over Zoom, schedule your intake (if needed) and I will collect your payment. 

*I use the word fat a neutral descriptor and I use it to describe myself.