How do you pursue health and wellness when all you've been taught is that if you want to be healthy, you have to lose weight? I employ a weight-inclusive approach, which means I believe that people of ALL weights are capable of finding wellness without pursuing weight loss. I believe in the Health at Every Size paradigm. 

I respect people of all sizes as the utmost experts of their own bodies and lives, although I recognize that many of us have learned to mistrust our bodies and lose touch with our internal wisdom.


I will help you reconnect.


My approach is one that honors people's unique bodies and histories, and includes goals and progress markers that are based on the development of health-promoting habits in all areas of life. 

I believe in your ability to pursue health on your terms and to cultivate a loving and trusting relationship with your body that will last throughout your lifetime. I understand the obstacles that commonly get in the way and I believe that a sympathetic, knowledgeable, and caring guide along the way can make a huge difference.  

© 2019 by Naomi Finkelstein

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