Stress Management Virtual Yoga Course 
(Diet Culture Edition)
Next Date TBD


What should I eat?

How do I get my brain to stop tearing me apart?

Why can't I get myself to exercise?

What will people say or think when they see I've gained weight?



If you've uttered any of the above questions or statements to yourself (or something like them) in recent months, you're not alone. Unsurprisingly, stress levels around the world have risen dramatically over the course of the pandemic. And when that happens and our nervous systems are on edge, we are prone to being more reactive and we tend to see even more threats around us than we otherwise might.


For those of us who have a history of a difficult relationship with our body and/or food, it's no shocker that we'd go back to those old familiar thought patterns and feelings when our fight or flight system is overactive, as it has been for most of us for some time now. 

This workshop will be about digging in to acknowledge the sources of our stress, understand the power we have to interrupt the stress reaction loop, and learn strategies to calm down our system and experience life from a more peaceful state of mind. With three sessions each week for three weeks, you will experience significant benefits and see the magic of yoga reveal itself to you.

We'll be drawing from Yoga philosophy and practices, Body Positive curriculum, and practices from a few of my favorite books.

You'll also receive...

  • Writing prompts  and worksheets to keep you connected between class sessions

  • Lots of resources to explore (books, podcasts, meditations, etc)

  • Recommendations for supportive, soothing Ayurvedic tools you can purchase from women-owned businesses and use during our time together and beyond

  • Suggested daily schedules to try on for size

  •  Audio and video recordings of practices that we do together so you can do them on your own between our sessions and once the course is over

  • Delicious seasonal recipes to play with 


We will meet virtually on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays (and one Friday) for 3 weeks:

Tuesdays  7-9pm CST

Thursdays  7-9pm CST

Saturdays  9am-12pm CST


I would like to provide an opportunity for those who have resources and privilege to assist with covering costs for those who are experiencing financial hardship. The scale is based on your self-determined access to resources, privilege, and social capital. 

$450   | Supporter Rate (support others as well as yourself)
$375   | Sustainer Rate (pays for you)
$300   | Community Rate (discounted)



A one-on-one initial consultation with me is included and required for your registration. The next Course is not yet scheduled, but please contact me and let me know if you're interested in joining when it is!


"Sometimes when I read about yogic practices, I think, "I could never do that," but Naomi reframed some self care concepts and yogic practices to make them seem much more accessible and attainable. Since our workshop, I've been feeling more grounded, aware, and focused. I also appreciate the way she talked about food and movement while emphasizing that, although these ideas have been co-opted by diet culture, our goal in this workshop was never weight loss, and none of the suggestions were iron-clad rules."

— Kitty, Panamá