Yoga Therapy

Western medicine is fantastic for emergency interventions and treating symptoms.

Yoga Therapy gets to the root of your symptoms and addresses the underlying causes. 


Yoga Therapy is a profound and holistic practice, which examines all aspects of a human in order to ascertain what is at the root of their suffering, and how to clear the blockages towards improved health and wellbeing. Relying on ancient Yogic and Ayurvedic philosophy, psychology, and practices, the Yoga Therapist draws on a broad set of knowledge in order to make assessments and recommendations for the  client. However, the main role of the Yoga Therapist is to empower their clients to take responsibility for their happiness and wellbeing through the use of yoga teachings and practices. 

Our first session will consist of an extensive intake process in which I'll gather information about the state of your five layers of being: physical, energetic, mental/emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. In our second session, I'll share my Plan of Care for you, which may involve certain postural sequences, breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation techniques, diet suggestions (always in the name of good digestion/energy, and only if you want them), and other lifestyle adjustments. All recommendations are tailored to your unique constitution, abilities, and goals. After sharing the overview, I'll begin to teach you the recommended practices, which we'll build upon in each session. Sessions are ninety minutes each in order to allow ample time for both practice and discussion. 

Yoga Therapy is for everyone, regardless of ability, size, age, or condition. It is appropriate for supporting you with symptoms associated with conditions such as:



Chronic Pain

Chronic Fatigue

Autoimmune Conditions


Asthma/respiratory conditions

Chronic Stress

Digestive Issues


and more

I may recommend different packages depending on your unique set of circumstances. My goal is to help you incorporate practices that are meaningful to you into your own life, but this is a process that can take some time, depending on the person. Committing to a 3-6 month yoga therapy program will make all the difference in terms of asserting your commitment to yourself. Some choose to meet twice a week, others weekly, and others every other week.  Those who have more yoga experience and knowledge may require less frequent sessions, while those who are newer to the practices would do best with more one-on-one time.  

Available packages:

3 ninety minute sessions: $405 

6 ninety minute sessions: $780 (save $30)

12 ninety minute sessions: $1,530 (save $90) 

To get started, please book a Free Initial Consultation and I will take your order over the phone. Please note, I reserve spaces in my schedule for clients who need a modified payment plan. Contact me to discuss equitable pricing opportunities if you want to work together but my fees are a barrier.

What People Are Saying about Yoga Therapy


“As a highly sensitive person and a seeker of truth and authenticity for over 5 decades, I know when I am in the presence of a teacher. A real teacher who knows how to guide her students in eliciting their best selves.

I have had this experience with Naomi. Each contact with Naomi leaves me more in touch with my true nature, feeling my body getting more comfortable and loving her presence. Naomi’s gentle and nurturing voice, clear suggestions and kind nature are the tools that she is gifted to use in sharing lessons about Ayurveda thought, practice, nutrition and yoga. I highly recommend working with this lovely human being.”