Wellness Coaching

So many of us believe that we're simply incapable of making the changes we desire in our lives. 

Coaching relies on a brilliant format that teaches us to plan realistically and acknowledge and celebrate our wins, no matter how small. Over time, this approach creates a strong sense of self-efficacy and confidence, which leads to significant and sustainable change. 

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Rather than tell you what's best for you, I work with you to unearth your vision for your ideal state of wellness and help you move towards the reality you envision with ease and self-compassion. In our first session, we'll meet for 90 minutes so I can get to know you, your strengths, and what's important to you. I'll help you establish a compelling and exciting vision for your wellness and break that down into quarterly and weekly behavioral goals. Subsequent sessions will be an hour each, where we'll review how your week went, tease out revelations and realizations, discuss what's on your mind, and explore how to best approach the week to come.

Coaching is most effective when we meet on a weekly basis.  If you are unsure if coaching is right for you, you can start with a 4-session initial package to try it on for size. If you are ready to commit to the process and reap the benefits, a 12-session, 3-month package is the way to go.

INITIAL COACHING PACKAGE pricing options are as follows:

4 sessions: $405 (Includes one 90-minute and three 60-minute sessions. Good for six weeks from the date of the first session)

12 sessions: $1,065 (Save $60. Includes one 90-minute and eleven 60-minute sessions. Good for four months from the date of the first session)


FOLLOW UP SESSIONS (may be purchased after an initial package is completed. All sessions are 60 minutes):

4 sessions: $360

12 sessions: $1020 (Save $60. All sessions good for 4 months from date of the first session.)

24 sessions: $2000 (Save $160. All sessions good for 8 months from date of the first session.)


To get started, please book a Free Initial Consultation and I will take your order over the phone. Please note, I reserve spaces in my schedule for clients who need a modified payment plan. Contact me to discuss equitable pricing opportunities if you want to work together but my fees are a barrier.

What People Are Saying about Coaching


“There is no way to overstate the value of Naomi's compassionate, wise, and uplifting guidance to identify not only the big goals, but how to get there in ways that are self-loving and proactive. During the pandemic shelter-in-place, I have felt very scattered and my mental health has been less stable than I would like. Naomi led me through creating concrete goals with small, achievable actions attached to them so that I could feel a sense of progress and accomplishment. This helped me feel more stable and kept me grounded in my body. Naomi is all about finding the positive, and while my cynical self sometimes made smart-*ss remarks about the process, it really was incredibly helpful.”