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Hayla, Virtual Yoga Client

Patricia, Yoga Client

Naomi was my yoga instructor/coach for 3+ years. In addition to her yoga expertise, she has a keen sense of how the body works and how it can become more efficient. She was always available after class to hear my challenges and to offer ideas from her store of knowledge for my consideration for improving things.

I feel her own, personal focus on wellness serves her students well!  Her knowledge and skills cross many disciplines and her students are lucky to have such a coach!

Therese, Coaching Client

Naomi has such a good comprehension of human beings. She can read behind and between the words. In a minimum of time, she perceived my nature and she gave me very proper, suitable, and practical recommendations. She held our time together with a great warm heart, a lot of love, and with extraordinary diligence. 

Deb, Yoga Client

Naomi's yoga class is the perfect mix of relaxing and challenging for me. I always come out feeling like I've left all my stresses behind and also feeling much stronger and newly limber. 
Naomi is a terrific teacher for folks who need asana modifications like myself. She offers a number of variations of the poses reminding students that we are the experts of our bodies. She's also encouraging of us to find our edge and that helps our practice grow.

I could not have hoped to find a better yoga instructor. Naomi's intuitive flair for teaching and breadth of yoga experience was immediately apparent by how she adapted poses and the general flow of our skype sessions to my specific needs and requirements. She has really taken the time to understand what I want to achieve from yoga and has a gift for creating a balance between pushing me past my perceived limitations and maintaining a space in which to feel safe. She champions the value of yoga that can be adapted to every body, which makes for a very comforting, transformative, and nurturing environment in which to learn.

I am benefiting so greatly from her teaching and support. I am generally more relaxed day-to-day, my fitness continues to improve, and Naomi has helped me find new confidence in my physical capabilities.

Naomi is an innovative, communicative, reliable, friendly, good-humoured, interested, body-positive, and talented person. I would recommend anyone who wants a bespoke, regenerative, and engaging experience to work with her.     


Are We a Good Fit?

Finding the right coach is all about aligning philosophies and chemistry. Here's a bit more about the types of clients I'm most interested in working with:

  • You're ready to begin taking ownership of your wellness. 

    • I believe your body contains the wisdom it needs to find your version of wellness, so I would never presume that I know what's best for you. My goal is to empower you to build a trusting relationship with your body so that you can consistently and confidently rely on its wisdom. I'm here to offer lots of ideas and resources, to support you in your decisions, and help you reflect and learn. ​

  • You're looking for someone to keep you focused on what matters.  

    • We live in a culture in which weight is synonymous with health. Sadly, this messaging actually leads so many people to struggle with their health in ways they otherwise might not! When clients come to me with weight loss goals, I gently refocus the energy away from the number on the scale and towards how they want to feel and what they want to be able to do. Weight loss is sometimes a side effect of focusing on these things, and sometimes it isn't. The most important thing is building wellness-promoting, sustainable habits. You can count on me to be 100% consistent about this. ​​

  • You have, at times, found doctors to be unhelpful.

    • ​Maybe you live in a larger body, you've dealt with chronic pain or illness, or you inhabit other marginalized identities. If that's the case, you know that doctors can often inadvertently make self-care difficult. I've been there, and I'm here to help you navigate these situations and recover from triggering experiences at the doctor's office. I'll support you in tuning in with your body to decide what advice to take and what to leave behind, so you can regain focus after experiences that cause you to falter. ​

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