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Are We a Good Fit?


Finding the right coach is all about aligning philosophies and chemistry. Here's a bit more about the types of clients I'm most interested in working with:

  • You're looking for someone to keep you focused on what matters.  

    • I know how difficult it is to stay true to a non-diet approach to health. We get the message every day and from many sources that we can't be healthy unless we lose weight. It's hard to remember that a hyper focus on our weight causes more harm than good! I don't set weight loss goals with clients and I don't value thin bodies over fat bodies. You can count on me to be 100% consistent about this. 


  • You have, at times, found doctors to be unhelpful.

    • ​Maybe you live in a larger body, you've dealt with chronic pain or illness, or you inhabit other marginalized identities. If that's the case, you know that doctors can often inadvertently make self-care difficult. I've been there, and I'm here to help you recover from triggering experiences at the doctor's office. I'll support you in tuning in with your body to decide what advice to take and what to leave behind, so you can regain focus after experiences that cause you to falter. ​

  • You're ready to begin taking ownership of your wellness. 

    • I believe your body contains the wisdom it needs to find your version of wellness, so I would never presume that I know what's best for you. My goal is to empower you to build a trusting relationship with your body so that you can consistently and confidently rely on its wisdom. I'm here to offer lots of ideas and resources, to support you in your decisions, and help you reflect and learn. ​

  • You are on board with the Health at Every Size philosophy.

    • This approach to wellness is radical in our society and as you may know, it's very difficult for some people to accept. I am more than happy to educate you if it's new for you and you want to learn. If I sense that you are super resistant, I may encourage you to work with someone else. I'm here to be your cheerleader and your coach, but you have to be the one to get on the field. 

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